Now...You Can Have Your Own Online Banking Business for $38 Per Month
with Big Time Savings & Rewards for You & Anyone Who You Refer That
Joins with You. There is a One-Time $30 Account Set-Up Fee. You Get
Your Own Private Bank Account From a Well Established FDIC Insured
Online Bank That Pays You Every Time You Use Its High Technology
Personalized Smart Revv Card
(Its Like Having a Small Computer in the Palm Of Your Hand)

Includes a Global Rewards Platform with Discounts from
100s of 1000s of Businesses Domestically & Internationally,
Including Access to Special Offers, Including a Travel Portal!
You Also Get Paid to Refer Others! Potential to
Earn $100s, Even $1000s Per Month!
Special 3&Me Bonus: Refer Just 3 People, in Your 1st 30-Days,
Who Join as rNetwork Charter Members & You Can Earn $38
Per Month in Commissions! You Still Pay the $38 Per Month, But,
Your $38 Per Month in Commissions, Off Sets That Cost for You.
And, You Still Have the Potential to Earn More; Much More!

All Charter Members, will pay $99 one-time for the Revv
at launch in January 2020. Anyone who signs-up as a
Customer only will pay $150 one-time for the Revv Card.
A Revv Card
lite will be available for FREE
in October 2019 with more limited use.

Order the total Smart Revv Card in January 2020 & use it to pay for food, merchandise, mortgage, rent, restaurants, etc. Get web access to Discount Rewards Platform Now, as a Charter Member of rNetwork. Plus, Both Card & web access can save you money with discounts from 1000s of retail merchants, restaurants, hotels, travel, etc. (local, national, even globally) & you even have potential to earn Extra Income every month Now; even before the official launch in January 2020.

This is How Your Revv Card Works!
(Below is a Mock-Up of a Revv Card; Not Exactly What It Will Look
Like; It Is Like Having a Small Computer in the Palm of Your Hand)

If You Answered NO to Any of the Above Questions,
It's Time You Considered a New Bank!

Below is a Series of Slides Presented at a Special Even at the rNetwork Headquarters in Provo, Utah; Scroll Down to View Them All!

As a rNetwork Charter Member, You Can Market to People
in All of the Countries Below. It's a Global Opportunity!

Below is Illustration of 3 x 10 Forced Matrix Pay Plan Through 10 Tiers.

Each Person You Enroll Unlocks One Tier of the 10 Tier Matrix.

Once You Enroll 10 Charter Members, All 10 Tiers Are Open to You.

You Earn $2 Per Member on Your Total Network, Including Enrollments by Each of Your 10 & Those They Enroll, etc., etc.,

Even Though You Did Not Enroll Any of Them Yourself.

Potentially, you Can Get Paid $2 Each on 1000s of Charter Members Without Enrolling More Than 10 Yourself.

Of Course, the More You Enroll, the More You Earn From Your Own Enrollments, as Well as Enrollments by All Others in Your rNetwork!
How to Earn Monthly Residual Income -- Compensation Plan

When you enroll a Charter Member in the rNetwork, they become part of your Personal Enrollment Network (PEN) & are also assigned a position in your Team Building Structure (TBS).

Your Personal Enrollment Network is composed of the Mem-
bers that you personally enroll & helps determine your Tier Qualifications in the Team Building Structure. There is no Limit to the number of Charter Members you can enroll. But, your goal should be to enroll at least 10, which unlocks all of your 1st 10 tiers & increases your potential to earn more Monthly Residual Income!
Beginning in January 2020, new rNetwork Charter Members you will pay $99 for a Revv Card, in addition to one-time $30 account set-up fee, plus $38 per month membership fee. Any Charter Members can sell a Revv Card to a Customer, who does not want to participate in Pay Plan, for a one-time fee of only $150. There will be no commission on card purchases, but seller gets % of transaction fees.

rNetwork Charter Members can also sign-up local merchants for FREE & earn a % of the transaction fee each time any rNetwork member accepts a discount offer from that merchant.

Earn 5 Different Ways

When Members pay their $38 per month membership fee, $11 per month pays to the enroller (for the first 3) Charter Members he/she refers & $2 to $2.50 per month on everyone else within his/her 3x10 matrix.

2. When Members make everyday debit purchases with their Revv Card -- Up to 1% of each purchase pays into the plan (monthly) -- Up to 10 tiers -- Up to 1/10th of 1% per Tier.

3. When Members pay their mortgage with their Revv Card, 1% pays into the plan -- Up to 10 Tiers.

4. When Members purchase a Revv Card, $10 pays into the plan -- Up 10 Tiers -- $1.00 per Tier.
Add 'Em Up! Potential of Over 80,000 Members for You to Get Paid On -- You Do the Math!

Below is What Your Private rNetwork Bank Account
Includes, Plus a Company Merchant Account to
Simplify Online Payments of Monthly Membership Fee.
You Get Paid Every Time Anyone in Your rNetwork Organization, Uses One of
These Service, Including on the Initial Set-Up, as Well as For Any Monthly Payments;
Residual Income:
Month After Month After Month After Month.

Free Customer "a La Carte" Choices +
Revv Card for $99 One-Time

Free Customers Can Upgrade Their Membership
to Charter for $38 Per Month

Joining as a Charter Member is Easy!

Those who join as rNetwork Charter Members now, receive web-based access to the Discount Rewards Platform that can be used with a Smart Phone to take advantage of this Platform any time. Plus, start getting paid Now, for referring others who join!
For More Details, Click the Link Below, No Obligation!

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For Questions, Contact: Patrick Tarzian, Founding Charter Member
Lake Forest, CA 92630 CP: 1-949-306-8503 - Office: 1-949-328-0126 Email: is owned and operated by Business By The Sea, an independent Charter Member of r network.