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In The Sky

Did you ever wonder what the cost of ownership is for your car?

What about the time factor in maintaining your car?

What about the cost to wash your car?

What if you do not wash your car weekly or daily?

What about the air in your tires? Is this important?

Can you imagine breathing through dirt and oil?

Oh, and the comfort of riding for 1 hour a day!!!

Did you ever figure the cost versus time ratio over a period of years?

How would you feel if you could own or lease a Mercedes Benz for less than you could any other car?

How would you like to advertise your car for FREE on this web site?



Put YOUR advertisement it in the sky at 10,000 feet above any city,
that is 5 miles long, and as high as the Empire State Building...
covering mind you over 2,500 square miles on any given campaign.
We are present at major events, Rose Parade, Rose Bowl, Valentine Day, Holidays, Memorial Day, Long Beach Grand Prix, 4th of July, Labor Day, Super Bowl, and many other days during the week and weekends.

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Less than 50% of dealer cost

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